Morgan Harper is running for Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District. Credit: Courtesy of Zack White

Comedy and politics will come together Friday for a show in support of local congressional candidate Morgan Harper.

Members from campus comedy clubs Buckeye Stand Up Club, Circular Reasoning Improv, Backburner Sketch Comedy, Fishbowl Improv and Sundial Humor Magazine are hosting You Better Legislate Sis! A Comedy Night with Congressional Candidate Morgan Harper in Hitchcock Hall to support the progressive Democratic candidate running to represent Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District.

Harper is a Columbus, Ohio, native who supports policies such as Medicare for All and The Green New Deal, according to her website. She is challenging incumbent Rep. Joyce Beatty.

Dan Adamson — a second-year in history, Backburner Sketch Comedy’s director of productions and staff writer for The Sundial Humor Magazine — said that although not all of the clubs’ members will participate, the students who chose to take part in the event identify strongly with Harper’s message.

“Morgan, I think, is a very energizing candidate herself, and she has a platform that I think energizes a large number of college students,” Adamson said.

Zack White — a second-year in physics, Buckeye Stand Up Club recruitment chair and writer for Backburner Sketch Comedy — said attendees can expect performances from the hosting clubs and stand-up routines from Buckeye Stand Up Club members Ella Hickman, a fourth-year in marketing, and Cal Murata, a fourth-year in finance.

Harper is scheduled to attend the event, but the clubs are leaving her level of involvement with the performances up to her, White said.

“It’s really whatever Morgan wants to get involved with in any capacity,” he said. “All of the groups would be ecstatic to perform with her in any way.”

White said that even though the event is in support of a Democratic candidate, people of all political affiliations are welcome to attend.

“You don’t have to be, like, a die-hard Morgan supporter to come to this show. Even if you don’t consider yourself a Democrat or anything, it’s also just going to be a fun comedy show,” he said.

Tickets can be purchased for $5 at the door, or admission will be granted to anyone who posts #morganize on any social media platform.

“You know, for a lot of people in college, it’s really hard to make ends meet when you’re paying for yourself, so for a lot of people, $5 is really inhibitive. So, we wanted to make it as inclusive as possible,” White said. 

You Better Legislate Sis! A Comedy Night with Congressional Candidate Morgan Harper will be held Friday at 7 p.m. in Hitchcock Hall Room 035. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.