Ohio Stadium filled with Ohio State and Cincinnati fans during the game, featuring the Goodyear blimp on Sept. 7. Ohio State won 42-0. Credit: Cori Wade | Assistant Photo Editor

Following the Big Ten’s announcement that all team activities have been suspended until April 6, the Department of Athletics released a statement Friday providing further insights into what that means at Ohio State.

Ohio State football’s spring practices are canceled until at least April 6, and the Buckeyes’ NFL Pro Day will be postponed until further notice, according to the statement.

Student-athletes have until 5 p.m. Monday to clear out their lockers from all athletic facilities, which will be closed. They have until March 22 to move out of their residence halls, and student-athletes living off-campus will not have access to athletic facilities, but can work with athletic training staff for rehabilitation and treatment at other locations, according to the statement.

“All of these decisions are in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and are in line with the priorities of health, safety and wellness for student-athletes, students, coaches, administrators, fans, media, campus and community populations,” the statement reads.

The Big Ten’s team activity suspension is in addition to its cancellation of all games, tournaments and events through the duration of the winter and spring sports seasons, which was announced Thursday. The decision put an end to the seasons of 27 sports at Ohio State.

Tickets to events purchased online will be refunded in five-to-seven business days, and those purchased in person can be refunded at the location at which they were bought, according to the release.