Ohio State warms up in its final practice of fall camp at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center on Aug. 18. Photo: Amal Saeed | Former Assistant Photo Editor

A preparation plan for the college football season was completed Thursday by the Division I Football Oversight Committee.

The council’s plan allows for teams slated to play Sept. 5 to begin organized preparation July 13. The model will be acted upon by the Division I Council Wednesday. 

“This is the culmination of a significant amount of collaboration in our effort to find the best solution for Division I football institutions,” Shane Lyons, chair of the committee and director of athletics at West Virginia, said in a statement. “Our student-athletes, conference commissioners, coaches and health and safety professionals helped mold the model we are proposing.”

Teams will be able to require up to eight hours of weight training, conditioning and film review per week from July 13-23. 

Starting July 24 through Aug, 6, teams will be allowed to host up to 20 hours of mandatory countable athletically related activities per week. This includes activities such as weight training, conditioning, walk-throughs and team meetings. Teams will not be able to require more than four hours of activities each day. 

Teams will be required to give student-athletes at least two days off during this two-week period. 

The preseason practice period, which lasts 29 days, will begin Aug. 7 with a five-day acclimatization period followed by up to 25 on-field practices. 

The proposal also included the expectation that institutions will consider local and state COVID-19 policies. 

Ohio State is scheduled to begin its season Sept. 5 against Bowling Green.