Ohio state university hall

Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Former Managing Editor for Multimedia


Dear incoming Buckeyes,

As I reflect on the past three years of my Ohio State career, I remember the transformational experience that was my freshman year. Looking ahead, I recognize that a different kind of experience is in store for the incoming class — including my sister, Jordan.

You’ll soon learn Ohio State’s alma mater “Carmen Ohio,” in which you’ll sing the lyrics, “Time and change will surely show how firm thy friendship, Ohio.” Based on our current circumstances and your status as freshmen, I encourage you to take these words to heart.

First up: time. Time will fly here, but time is also the key to putting our current situation into perspective. One day, we will look back on this moment in our history. And one day, you will know what the “normal” college experience is like, but learning what we can from our “now” will help us grow in our future.

Change has essentially become the defining feature of 2020. Nothing is as it was, nor can we know how it will be in the future. But just as time will take us to growth, change is the essence of growth. You’re making a change and stepping into a new phase of your life at the same time the entire world is learning about containing a pandemic and seeing the rise of a major civil rights movement. Face change head on, and just as the world will be changed when you leave Ohio State, you too will be different than you were on your first day of college — but in the best way.

Finally, “how firm thy friendship.” The recipe for long-lasting friendships, a solid community and an appreciation for the next four years of your life is the welcoming of both time and change. At The Lantern, we know a little about these things. Since 1881, we have been covering all things campus, serving our students, faculty, staff and alumni during good and bad times alike.

As the independent student publication of Ohio State, we hope we solidify a kind of friendship with you, the students who are the heartbeat of our campus. We hope that during your Ohio State career, you will turn to us for information about the constant changes we will endure and that you, in turn, will trust us with your stories. With that, how firm our friendship will be.

Sam Raudins