A Lantern newspaper box outside a campus building

The Lantern is the independent student news publication at Ohio State. Credit: Max Garrison | Asst. Campus Editor

Information is power, and it’s more important than ever to be armed with the truth. But where should you go to get qualified information? What if you’re new to Columbus? What if you’re new to the news? 

That’s OK, everyone starts somewhere.

Here are the different ways to stay up on all things Ohio State, Columbus and beyond. 

The Lantern — Free

The Lantern is Ohio State’s independent student newspaper. We provide breaking and developing news that matters to Ohio State students, faculty, staff and alumni. News about sports, student organizations, restaurants, student government and politics that affect the university can be found on The Lantern’s website.

You can follow The Lantern on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to turn notifications on to keep up-to-date. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to see the day’s top headlines.


News podcasts are some of the most convenient ways to stay informed with a busy college schedule. Put in headphones, press play and walk to class. NPR’s “Up First” podcast is ready to go every morning with a 13-minute rundown of the top national news, available on most streaming platforms and for free on the NPR app. For a more in-depth listen, “The Daily” podcast from the New York Times provides a view behind the news with in-depth explanations of the context surrounding the day’s top story. The Daily can be streamed on the Times’ website and many streaming platforms.

The Columbus Dispatch — $7.99/month

The Columbus Dispatch is the city’s daily newspaper and provides coverage of Columbus events, sports, crime and politics. For students looking to get off campus and explore the city and central Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch will help you be an informed member of the community with full access to digital coverage online and its app for $7.99/month — with a one-month $0.99 trial.


WOSU is central Ohio’s NPR member station. Available on NPR and WOSU apps and 89.7 FM, WOSU offers 24/7 coverage of issues facing central Ohio and the United States.

The New York Times — $1/week

The New York Times is one of the most prestigious and well-respected news organizations in the country. Whether it’s politics, world events, healthcare, the coronavirus, technology, book reviews or the lives of everyday people, The New York Times provides students complete coverage online and on its app for $1/week. *billed $4 every 4 weeks*

The Washington Post — $29/year

For students interested in national politics, The Washington Post provides coverage of Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court and federal agencies for students for $5/every four weeks. However, first time subscribers can use a nonuniversity email to get a full year for $29 and cancel and switch to the student plan before the year is over.

The Wall Street Journal — $4/month

In the midst of a global pandemic and recession, the state of the economy has as large of an effect on students as ever. The Wall Street Journal provides students news on the stock market, unemployment, finance and and trade for $4/month — after a first month of $1.