A logo sign outside of the headquarters of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Credit: Courtesy of TNS

While the Buckeyes will be unable to take the field in the fall, the inability to play will not affect each player’s eligibility status. 

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors announced Friday that fall sports student-athletes will not lose a year of eligibility regardless of if they play or not. This decision will grant senior student-athletes a chance to play out the 2021 fall sports season.

The decision allows seniors that choose to take the extra year of eligibility to not count against a team’s scholarship count in the 2021-22.

The board also announced that it will attempt to host all postponed fall championships in the spring. 

“We want to provide opportunities for student-athletes whenever possible,” acting board chair Denise Trauth said. “We understand it will be complicated and different, and we’re not certain how it will look. But we believe it’s important to try to give students that championship experience.”