Fours On High’s Twitter account announced that the bar would be closing effective immediately Tuesday afternoon, with no certain date for reopening. Credit: André White | Arts & Life Producer

Another Short North bar will close due to complications caused by COVID-19. 

Fours On High, located at 1120 N. High St., was “devastated” to announce that it is closing its doors effective immediately Tuesday — but it’s unclear if the move is permanent. The sister bar of Threes Above High had its grand opening Aug. 1 of last year, and after only over a year of operation, the bar must now shut down to make changes due to the pandemic, according to social media posts from the bar Tuesday. 

“We’re going to try to add some space for more seating, because with the constant rule changes, curfews and restrictions, we just can’t make ends meet with the amount of people we can fit in our location,” the post stated.

The post said that Fours on High’s future was “uncertain” and had no mention of a reopening date.

In an email, Scott Ellsworth, owner of Fours On High and Threes Above High, said that Fours On High would lose more money staying open than just closing its doors and paying rent costs. He said that although the bar normally has a line of people waiting to get in on weekends, the bar has no space to accommodate them.

“Our first concern is following the rules and regulations and keeping our customers and employees safe, so we don’t take the easy shortcuts,” Ellsworth said.  

Ellsworth said that the 10 p.m. curfew placed on bars by the state and the loss of Ohio State football this fall has impacted business severely. The bar is down 70 percent in revenue from what was made a year prior, he said. 

For now, Fours On High will pay a 50 percent reduced rent cost, and its staff will move to Threes Above High in order to keep working, Ellsworth said.

“Tough times, call for tough decisions and tough people who aren’t afraid to make them. That’s where we are right now,” Ellsworth said. 

This story was updated at 11:58 a.m. to include comments from Fours On High owner, Scott Ellsworth.