About Us

The Lantern is the award-winning student newspaper at Ohio State. We are editorially independent of the university and the majority of our funding comes from advertisements and endowments, and we receive a small amount from the university to support our Lantern TV studio production. 

With a team of 23 editors and more than 40 reporters, The Lantern has been a mainstay of the university and has proven itself as a valuable community member. We have been on the frontlines of breaking news, delivering factual, thoughtful journalism to students, staff and faculty, alumni, and parents of Ohio State. In addition, our coverage includes university athletics, the Columbus area, local art and music.

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We value our readers’ input and discussion on each of our articles but we reserve the right to delete any comment that doesn’t follow our below guidelines.

  • Your comments should be relevant to the article, avoid name-calling and be civil. Any comment that contains hateful language, is threatening to the journalist or others, is obscene or vulgar will be deleted. 
  • Comments cannot include advertising, recruiting, soliciting, or commercial promotion. 
  • Posting URLs in the comments is also generally cause for deletion since most comment posts like this are considered “spam.”
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  • You may post news tips or corrections in the comments, though it would be better to email us directly at lantern@osu.edu.
  • Comments may not contain conspiracy theories, allegations or other information that is plain false. We reserve the right to delete such comments if we know the claims are false or unsubstantiated.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you edit comments?

No. Comments will either be rejected or accepted outright.

I want to report an inappropriate comment. What do I do?

Please send an email to lantern@osu.edu and explain you are reporting an inappropriate comment and include the specific article.

Can I criticize The Lantern’s reporting?

Of course. Your valid criticisms make our reporting better and stronger. We serve our readers and the public but personal attacks against reporters will not be tolerated.

Can you delete a comment of mine, if I ask?

No. We rarely remove content from our articles that is shared openly and is public. When you post, your comment becomes part of the reporting and will not be removed unless it violates our guidelines.

I think my comment was deleted unfairly. What can I do?

If you discover your comment has been deleted, you may petition for your comment to be reinstated. However, if your comment was deleted because it violates a point of this guideline, we will not respond to your petition.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions or comments you’d like for us to address, please email us at lantern@osu.edu.