The Lantern’s rich tradition, founded in 1881 and sweeping 138 years to present day, of tirelessly serving as the student voice for Ohio State students, faculty, staff, alumni and other community members remains unchanged. While the technologies and techniques available to our students evolve with the times, especially in this multimedia and digital-minded age, the laboratory that is The Lantern newsroom remains a collaborative, investigative and creative space for student reporters. The world remains the classroom for journalism students. Today‚Äôs students experience the same challenges and triumphs of storytelling as their predecessors.

The Lantern Print Front Page, 1881

The Lantern Print Front Page, 2015

The Lantern Print Front Page, 1960

The Lantern Newsroom, 1983

The Lantern Newsroom, 2018

The Ohio State University Libraries offers The Lantern digital archives ranging from the first issue in 1881 to 2015. We invite you to read more about the project funding and archive curation, and then browse the archives.

Although the collection is very user-friendly, The Ohio State University Libraries additionally offers a user guide to navigating the archives. We recommend using this guide for the best browsing experience.