Changes in communication technology are profoundly influencing and reshaping politics, citizenship, social identities, as well as social, work, and personal relationships, with impacts on the well-being of a diverse and democratic society that appear to be both full of promise and deeply troubling.   As one of the top half-dozen leading programs in research and scholarship in communication in the world today, The Ohio State University School of Communication is at “ground zero” with respect to these challenges; we have both the opportunity and the obligation to respond and to make a difference.

The School does so through teaching, research, and service, contributing globally, nationally, and within Ohio through cutting-edge research and scholarship. It produces fundamental insights into communication processes that impacts society and individuals.  The School trains graduate students capable of continuing such research and teaching other students in turn around the U.S. and the world. It educates undergraduates to help them understand and be prepared to engage effectively in this changing world as citizens, employees, and professionals.

The Advancement Board supports the School in achieving these goals, through their capacity to help identify and make a case to potential alumni donors, through their own support, and through the expertise and contacts they can provide to students and faculty.