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Researcher talks plant intelligence

In Africa in the 1980s, 3,000 kudu antelopes unexpectedly died over the course of a few weeks in an enclosed area. They were not killed by hunters or disease — they were killed by trees. Acacia trees from which the antelopes were eating leaves deliberately ...

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Ohio State rap club spits scarlet fire

Night has fallen over the Ohio State campus and a student is looking through YouTube on a classroom computer that professors use during the day. The student finds a hip-hop beat to play on the classroom’s speaker system and a whole new lesson has begun. ...

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The Ward of 18th Avenue Library

It is midnight and a vacuum begins to whir on the fourth floor of the 18th Avenue Library, and for a moment a few students look up from their books and laptops. Wyatt Ward is a custodian and a contractor from Goodwill Columbus who works ...

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