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Graduating class breaks record again

Ohio State’s Sunday commencement ceremony will award a record-breaking 12,213 degrees, as long as the weather complies. According to an Ohio State press release, the graduating class is the largest in university history and will mark the fifth consecutive commencement to break the previous year’s ...

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Frankensteining the human heart at Ohio State

An Ohio State researcher, self-proclaimed “Dr. Frankenstein,” has a unique method of studying the human heart — he revives them in his lab. Vadim Fedorov, an associate professor of physiology and cell biology at Ohio State, is studying the human heart in unprecedented ways in ...

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Ohio State researchers find new test for preeclampsia

Researchers at Ohio State have made groundbreaking strides toward a reliable test for the pregnancy condition preeclampsia. On March 1, Ohio State researchers Kara Rood and Irina Buhimschi, along with other researchers, published a paper in Lancet’s EClinicalMedicine detailing a urine test that can detect ...

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