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How to pay for graduate school

Paying for graduate school can be a daunting investment — financial aid and scholarships are different than during undergrad and there are not as many resources to walk graduate students through the process of securing funds. Alicia Bertone, vice provost for graduate studies and dean ...

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Ohio State research shows troubling suicide trend

New research conducted by Ohio State researchers shows a relatively high rate of suicide among Medicaid-insured adolescents. The “National Comparison of Suicide Among Medicaid and Non-Medicaid Youth,” a study published by six researchers in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in January, examined the rate ...

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A guide to off-campus parking

Off-campus living has many perks, but convenient parking usually is not one of them. Many residents of Columbus, especially students, find parking to be somewhat complicated. The majority of off-campus residences offer one parking spot per two-bedroom unit, and sometimes not even that, but most ...

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A tenant’s rights

Landlords can enforce rules regarding pets, parking and even paint colors, but there are also several amenities Ohio tenants have an indisputable right to. Many students who choose to live off campus will be first-time renters, and there is a lot of information tenants should ...

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New research provides insights in HIV treatment

An Ohio State researcher who has made groundbreaking discoveries in HIV treatment wants to remind the younger generation that HIV is not a curable disease, and the danger is still real. Dr. Susan Koletar, director of Ohio State’s Division of Infectious Diseases in the Department ...

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Study shows racial bias in breast cancer prevention

According to new research conducted at Ohio State, race might dictate the way women learn about breast cancer prevention. Three Ohio State researchers explored racial differences in breast cancer prevention and found alarming variances between how white and African-American women are presented with preventive care, ...

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