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Ohio State students built a magazine from scratch

Ohio State student CJ Fink finished 2017 by starting a homemade zine series that they’ve since turned into a full-fledged magazine whose second issue comes out May 31. Fink, a fourth-year in English and editor in chief of the Dollhouse Magazine, started creating zines, small ...

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Coffee is getting a grade in the Short North

Nestled in the middle of the Short North, six individuals get together in the back of a small cafe to explore their interest in coffee. Ben Willis leads these meetings every Sunday at One Line Coffee located on High Street. It’s called cupping, and Willis ...

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Nature inspires blown glass gallery

Developed over two years with inspiration from nature and the help of fellow artists, William Ortman displays the results of hours of sweating over furnaces and molten glass in a show at Sherrie Gallerie. Ortman’s body of work is made up of blown glass sculptures, ...

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