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Sex Talk: Speak up (or not) in bed

Hello! If you read Sex Talk last week, you’ll remember that we talked about being sexy to attract your crush. So now, let’s say you guys take it to the bedroom (or wherever). I have some advice to give on how to “be sexy” when ...

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Sex Talk: Sexiness comes from within

If you are anything like me, you may have only vague ideas of how to “be sexy.” Trying to be more appealing or charming to the desired sex only becomes more elusive the more one thinks about it. So here is my advice: do not ...

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Sex Talk: Is college the right time?

In celebration of the thousands of freshmen flooding campus, this week let’s talk about the alleged College Sexual Awakening — or the idea that college is the best or right time to become sexually active. Now, I must concede that college is a great and ...

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