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Sexual Assault Awareness Month sparks discussion

The issue of sexual assault on U.S. college campuses has become a topic of discussion. How institutions are responding and how they should respond have become part of the controversy. In recognition of national Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the College of Social Work held a ...

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Best Outdoor Study Spot: The Oval

The Oval is located at the heart of Ohio State’s campus. Thousands of students pass fellow Buckeyes on the crisscrossed paths that have been a part of the OSU landscape for more than a century. Usually, there are people sitting under the big trees and ...

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Political attack ads inspire voters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump released an attack ad in early March that called then-candidate Marco Rubio a “corrupt, all-talk, no-action politician.” Political attack advertisements like Trump’s become more prevalent as the election season progresses. Research conducted by researchers at Ohio State revealed that attack ...

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Buckeyes bag Churchill scholarships

Two students, nominated by Ohio State, were awarded the Churchill Scholarship, a prestigious and competitive U.K. scholarship, for the first time ever in the same year. Alexis Crockett, a fourth-year in psychology and neuroscience, and Henry Tran, a fourth-year in chemistry and mathematics, are the ...

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OSU study follows food choices of children

A new research study conducted by Ohio State professors challenged the idea that people who adopt healthy eating behaviors will naturally decrease their unhealthy eating habits. The research team led by Sarah Anderson, an associate professor of epidemiology, found that preschoolers in a low-income area in Columbus, who regularly ...

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