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Franklin County election results roundup

State Issue 1 Passes Issue 1, known as Marsy’s Law, was approved by voters with 83 percent approval statewide. Locally, 81 percent of Franklin County voters voted yes. Crime victims will now have rights in the state constitution that allow them to be notified of ...

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Ohio State roundtable to discuss Catalan Crisis

The situation in Catalonia has captured the world’s attention as it grows more tenuous, and on Friday it will be the focal point of an Ohio State roundtable. Professors from Ohio State and one from Indiana University will hold the “Catalan Crisis” discussion with students ...

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Campus speech: left and right say not all views are welcome

Milo Yiannopoulos and Richard Spencer are two prominent speakers who have caused controversy when they attempt to give, or succeed in giving, speeches on college campuses. While these speakers might have different messages — Yiannopoulos once said feminism was cancer and Spencer expresses white supremacist ...

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