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Art Squatters’ livens vacant storefronts

Professor Malcolm Cochran and a group of 25 students from the Ohio State University Department of Art took on a project that they called "Art Squatters." Each student was assigned a downtown space that was vacated and they were instructed to create a piece of art ranging anywhere from sculpture to performance art.

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Do It Yourself: Eco bags

Ladies: next time you are out looking for a new purse, how about heading to your pantry, or wherever else you keep all of the plastic bags you get from the grocery store or shopping center? A central Ohio woman has been making purses and handbags out of used grocery bags for the last several years.

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Rock poster documentary brings light to subculture at the Wexner Center

The Wexner Center for the Arts will welcome documentarian Eileen Yaghoobian tonight with her documentary entitled "Died Young, Stayed Pretty." Yaghoobian has traveled the country visiting rock venues. But she wasn't following around the musicians, she was interested in the artists behind the scenes.
"Died Young, Stayed Pretty" is a documentary about rock posters and the artists that create them.

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