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Manga Student Association is small but dedicated

The Manga Student Association has been a small but steady part of Ohio State’s extracurricular offerings since 2006. Manga are print comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language that cover a broad range of genres, including fantasy, sports and comedy. The ...

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Opinion: WWE suplexes the patriarchy

When my ex-boyfriend and I were at WWE Monday Night RAW in January at Nationwide Arena, he was transfixed. Paige — a Diva, then-WWE terminology for “female wrestler” — was watching passionately from the ropes as two other Divas threw each other around. Paige started ...

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Opinion: Justin Bieber is the comeback kid

The boy next door. Just a kid taking the music scene by storm. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anyone use these words to describe the hot mess that is Justin Bieber. Every mistake he has made is constantly plastered across TV screens and mocked ...

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