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Sex Talk: Opening up communication

Greetings! This week I have a wonderful, joyous announcement. It’s the moment you have all been waiting for – I am very happy and excited to announce that this very column has an ask.fm account! Many weeks ago when this sex column began, you may ...

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Ohio State students breathe hope for a cause

Ohio State students are raising awareness about cystic fibrosis while contorting their bodies into positions that many yoga outsiders could only describe as painful. Breathe Hope, a student organization co-founded by the group’s president, Hannah Rinehardt, organizes yoga classes on and off campus in an ...

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Ask Ogonna: Don’t get burned by an ex-flame

Have a problem with love or life in general? Send Ogonna your questions at askogonna@gmail.com and get them answered here in her column. You can also tweet her at @askogonna Reader: What are your thoughts on getting back together with an ex? Ogonna: Exes are ...

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Ohio State rap club spits scarlet fire

Night has fallen over the Ohio State campus and a student is looking through YouTube on a classroom computer that professors use during the day. The student finds a hip-hop beat to play on the classroom’s speaker system and a whole new lesson has begun. ...

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