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Letters to Editor

Letter to the Editor: I was supposed to be

I’m supposed to be getting an education. I’m supposed to be working on a group project. I’m supposed to be focused on my studies. I’m supposed to enjoy time with my girlfriend. But right now, I’m irate. Why? Wednesday night, my peers at Ohio State were ...

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Letter to the Editor: Holding USG accountable

On the evening of March 23, amidst a contentious and emotionally charged debate over Resolution 48-R-43 at Ohio State Undergraduate Student Government’s General Assembly meeting, a senator gave testimony in which she stressed the incivility of both sides and argued that the resolution was bringing ...

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Letter to the Editor: Are the political parties realigning?

Political party operatives and the television pundits have proclaimed two simultaneous shifts during this election cycle: the shift of white, working-class, blue-collar voters from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, especially in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio; and the shift of nonsocial conservative, ...

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