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Spring Housing

Don’t let the bedbugs bite

Emma Timan was living in Smith-Steeb Hall for her first-year at Ohio State when she noticed a bedbug crawling across her pillow in the middle of the night. She picked up her things, gave them a good shake and proceeded to call her mother for ...

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Keeping furniture out of the dumpster

At the end of every Spring Semester, large furniture, such as couches, mattresses and futons, is seen near dumpsters and in alleys throughout the off-campus areas near Ohio State, abandoned by students moving out. The City of Columbus Department of Public Service’s Division of Refuse ...

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Roommate rants

For some students, college is the beginning of the horror-story roommate: a prospect that haunts many incoming freshmen. Some students do not believe the bad roommate will come into their lives while they sift through possible roommates on Facebook or Roomsurf.com. But for some, the ...

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