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AROUSE OSU students make waves from beneath Buckeye Donuts

Live from the Buckeye Donuts basement, two Ohio State students are working to make radio great again. Headed by Grayson Kelly, president and second-year in strategic communications, and Joe Henson, vice president and a fourth-year in marketing, the Amateur Radio Organization for Undergraduate Student Entertainment ...

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Podcast explores ‘adulting’

An Ohio State student attempts to explain what it means to be an adult through her own podcast. Veronica Skok, a fourth-year in landscape architecture, started “Technically We’re Adults” in the summer of 2016, and has since put out 13 episodes. Subjects include fashion in ...

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Students arouse their creativity in campus radio

Ben McConnell remembers the very moment someone on the Oval asked him, “Dude, do you want to be a DJ?”  Little did he know, that moment would lead to his becoming the president of the Amateur Radio Organization for Undergraduate Student Entertainment, leading and encouraging ...

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