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Brian Golsby’s attorneys ask to delay trial

Lawyers for Brian Golsby, the man charged with the rape, kidnapping and murder of Ohio State student Reagan Tokes, have asked a judge to put his trial on hold. The motion was filed Wednesday and asked the judge to pause the trial pending the resolution ...

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Purpose behind the pets

You’ve probably seen these furry faces around campus and wanted to pet them, but they’re training for important jobs. Lantern TV reporter Katie Hamilton explains what these dogs roles will be after life on campus.

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Campus speech: left and right say not all views are welcome

Milo Yiannopoulos and Richard Spencer are two prominent speakers who have caused controversy when they attempt to give, or succeed in giving, speeches on college campuses. While these speakers might have different messages — Yiannopoulos once said feminism was cancer and Spencer expresses white supremacist ...

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