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13th Floor puts on a show for Halloween

Standing in line for Columbus’ newest haunted house 13th Floor, I saw three girls in front of me being taunted by a zombie with milky eyes and misshapen sharp teeth. He turned away from the girls and approached me, leaning in. “You recognize me?” he ...

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Get spooky: campus ghost stories

As Halloween rolls around, so do the numerous ghost stories that have developed about Ohio State’s campus over the years. Ohio State historian David Kellough has lived in the University District for 20 years, and has spent much of his time collecting and relaying ghost ...

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Review: The Creep lives up to name with eerie props

I genuinely thought I wasn’t afraid of much, but The Creep showed me otherwise. The experience was more than just three haunted houses, “The Residence,” “MadHouse” and “FR3AK’D,” set at the Madison County fairgrounds, it was a high quality haunted festival. As we drove the ...

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