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Ohio State academic misconduct cases on the rise

The temptation to cheat is as old as the idea of administering exams and writing essays. As technology continues to evolve, cheating has become easier through the use of group chat apps like GroupMe and websites like Course Hero that let students share course materials. ...

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Jurassic campus: Dinosaur arrives at Orton Hall

Crowdfunding might not have brought dinosaurs back from extinction but it did bring a cryolophosaurus to Orton Geological Museum. The cryolophosaurus was originally discovered in Antarctica by Ohio State professor emeritus Dr. David Elliot in 1991. After fundraising that began in March 2017 brought in ...

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Banners on campus to raise awareness about sexual violence

Advocates for Women of the World, an undergraduate student organization at Ohio State, revived its “Banner Up” campaign this summer to raise awareness for sexual violence by displaying messages on off-campus housing. The banners featured messages such as “End rape culture” and “It’s a dress, ...

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