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Fashion: Don’t let fruit shapes dictate personal dress

Credit: Courtesy of MCT

Credit: Courtesy of MCT

You are what you eat — a phrase fashion magazines have taken all too seriously. There’s nothing more unappetizing than being told I have a stomach like an apple or that my hips make me look like a pear. Since when have I been anything other than human-shaped? I say we take back control of our bodies and how they are viewed, and we can start by breaking down these awful associations. Read on to learn what these descriptions even mean, and how you can use fashion to show off what you love about yourself despite what the fashion industry says.


Being described as “apple-shaped” often means nothing more than having a wider midsection in relation to the rest of your body. Reading that on its own can make you feel incredibly self-conscious, though — it’s like you’re being told this one section of yourself outweighs everything else combined. Don’t fall into the trap of completely covering yourself because you think you’re a round piece of fruit — there are other parts of your body screaming to be shown off, like those never-ending legs or killer shoulders. Black leggings, wedges and a long tank with an empire waist are sure to make you feel great no matter what fruit the magazine said you looked like.


Almost the opposite of an apple, being shaped like a pear just means your waist is smaller than your hips — really, the way most women are shaped anyway. Every time I’ve read about the outfits meant to be worn by this body type, it has always been about hiding the area in question (the hips), but that’s nonsense. Show off your curves with body-hugging jeans and a fitted sweater, or go the extra mile with high-waisted denim and a loosely-fitting top that’s tucked in. You shouldn’t be forced into wearing something that hides the fact that you’ve got curves just because someone in the fashion industry told you to.


This is the term for a body that’s straight up and down, a shape that’s just as common as the others. You can make yourself look even longer and leaner with stovepipe jeans and a fitted camisole, or break up the line with leggings and a boxy tee — the choice is yours. Fashion tips for this body type often include wearing anything ruffled and flouncy to create curves that aren’t there, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to follow these rules. You don’t look like any less of a human being (or any more like a banana) by showing off your natural body type.

The whole point of the column this week is to learn to appreciate the body you have and realize that it doesn’t matter what some nameless fashion magazine says you look like — you can wear whatever you please. Show yourself off, and never feel like you can’t pull something off because of your body — all it takes to look amazing is your confidence.

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