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Paula Deen's Twitter account set out an offensive tweet this week, causing uproar and possible repercussions for her sons. Credit: Courtesy of TNS

Opinion: Deens likely won’t get a third chance, Disick deserves a second

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Oops, she did it again

In middle school, I read not only Paula Deen’s memoir, but her husband Michael’s as well. I baked my way through one of her special “desserts only” magazines and dreamed of taking the Paula Deen tour through Savannah, Georgia.

I loved Deen’s contagious laugh, southern sweetness and unhealthy adoration of butter.

But in 2013, the belle fell from grace with a case against her empire for racial workplace discrimination. Food Network quickly yanked all Deen shows off the air.

The network has since replaced Deen with a motley crew of southern women (“The Pioneer Woman,” “Farmhouse Rules,” “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen” and “Southern at Heart”) who all lack the spark Deen had. But when you make terribly ignorant mistakes, you have to pay.

Deen’s sons might be the ones paying now for a new mistake.

On Tuesday, Paula Deen’s Twitter account tweeted out a photo of her dressed as Lucille Ball and her son, Bobby, as Desi Arnaz. The problem? Bobby wore brown makeup, or brownface, to depict the Cuban-American actor. The photo was tweeted out with the caption, “Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do #TransformationTuesday.”

Explanation is needed indeed.

The photo was actually from a 2011 Halloween-editon episode of “Paula’s Best Dishes.” Which begs the questions of why this wasn’t caught years ago and why was it tweeted now?

Deen’s social media manager has since been fired and the tweet has been deleted. But, if 2013 is any sign, the ripples are just about to roll. I would be surprised if Food Network continues on with Jamie and Bobby Deen’s new series, “Southern Fried Road Trip.”

There will likely be even more Guy Fieri and his Flavortown adventures on the network now. Hot diggity.


‘Lord’ Disick dethroned

There’s also drama on a (surprisingly) more popular network. Kourtney Kardashian has split from Scott Disick.

In earlier seasons of E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Disick offered sass-filled, blunt humor — there are several Buzzfeed lists that attest to this. But in the most recent season, Disick was a trainwreck that was just much too painful to watch. His alcoholism and party lifestyle was tearing his family apart. Kourtney rightfully distanced herself from him, but it was still tragic to see a completely incompetent, obliterated man cry about not being able to see his babies because of the disarray he was in.

I hope Disick gets help. Not so he can return to the trashiest junk food of reality TV (that I can’t help but love), but for himself.

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