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Harry’s Style: Back-to-school style should reflect fabulous self

Welcome back, fabulous Buckeyes! I’m Harry Xu, a fourth-year in international business, and I absolutely love fashion.  I love going shopping and seeing what the new style is for every season, plus I read all the style magazines to see what the celebrities are wearing.  I will be around campus all year looking for trendsetters to feature in The Lantern.

Credit: Courtesy of Harry Wu

Student Kalynn Smith shows off her back-to-school style. Credit: Courtesy of Kalynn Smith

Another semester of school is upon us, and back-to-school style is in full effect.  Thinking of what outfits we are going to wear for the first week of school is something we all plan for weeks.  It is still in the point of the season where we cannot go completely into fall wardrobe but still have a summer influence for a little. Asking students around campus, I learned a lot of what each of them planned on wearing for when they go back to school.

Nicole Johnson, a third-year in health promotion, nutrition and exercise science, told me that her back to school style is “new clothes that can make a statement for the school year.”  She also goes for comfortable but also cute, like patterned shorts with a flowy tank top and sandals.  

Adina Esser, a third-year in fashion, said, “style is taking fashion and making a twist to it. Plus style is bringing clothes to life.”  

Her definition of back-to-school style is something that easily transitions from summer to fall, such as a dress with ankle boots.  

Marina Pashkova, professor of Slavic and East European languages and cultures, said she likes to wear clothes that are dressy, but sometimes she likes to wear blue jeans. She added that she likes to stay along with the comfortable theme.

Credit: Courtesy of Harry Wu

Student Adina Esser shows off her back-to-school style. Credit: Courtesy of Harry Wu

Marra Kowall, a fourth-year in marketing, described back-to-school style as clothes you will wear multiple times in multiple ways. Pick outfits that you are going to wear more than once so more people will see your fabulous outfit.

Kalynn Smith, a second-year in fashion, told me her style is more laid back and modern with a little edge, but still girly. When you see her, you can usually find her in a casual dress or an oversized t-shirt and leggings.  

Jackie Russell, a fourth-year in public affairs, told me her style is what she feels comfortable and pretty in. “Don’t think style is a certain way, but is instead how you feel in clothes,” Russell said.

Finding out this information made me think — especially on the first day of school — you want something to stand out so you have the statement for the new year. First impressions are always important.  Also, clothes are just clothes. You need to make the style yours, change it and make it represent you. Good back-to-school fashion is dressing up your clothes a bit because that just makes us feel so fabulous inside by giving us confidence.  Rock your own personal style — you should feel gorgeous anyway. Make your own fashion statement.  

The semester is upon us, and autumn style is here. I cannot wait to see your glamorous outfits on campus!

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