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Commentary: Timberlake, Cyrus, Gaga to release Fall’s most anticipated albums

arts_gagaThe average day in Columbus might still be hotter than 80 degrees, but summer is rapidly making its exit. Flavors of summer are starting to trade for fall, and while many musicians pushed out infectious summer hits, others have opted to hold out (or take their time) to release albums for the fall.

Here are some of the most anticipated albums for the rest of the year, in no particular order:

1. The Black Keys – Title not yet released

Snagging several Grammys, selling out arenas and headlining festival after festival has just been part of this duo’s year. In October 2012, rumors were thrown around about a 2013 release to follow up “El Camino.” Can the Ohio natives really create another blues-entrenched rock album worthy of the hype that “El Camino” received? Let’s hope so. Regardless, the duo of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney will likely join forces with producer Danger Mouse once more to create the new album. Reports have been floating around about the pair for sure releasing the album before the year is over, but if 2011’s “El Camino” (released Dec. 6, 2011) is any indication of how long the band can wait, it could be a while still until we are jamming to new Black Keys material.

2. “Matangi” – M.I.A.

Her album has been pushed back several times for restyling purposes. The British musician has been taking her album “Matangi” and making it edgier for her audiences, because apparently the first round wasn’t quite rising to the standards her label had in mind. Single, “Bad Girls,” was released in January 2012, and listeners probably don’t want to wait much longer. Pushed first from a December 2012 release, then to an April release, her label Interscope has announced that the album is scheduled to drop Nov. 5. The artist threatened to leak the album herself if the label pushed the release back again, and November’s release is sure to be less positive than the first two versions M.I.A. had created.

3. “The 20/20 Experience: Part 2” – Justin Timberlake

Oh, JT. After a successful night at the MTV Video Music Awards reuniting (oh so shortly) with his former ‘NSYNCbandmates, it seems like the world couldn’t expect more from Timberlake, yet “The 20/20 Experience: Part 2” is scheduled to drop Sept. 30. Part 1 of the album has been arguably one of the most successful albums of the year, with 968,000 copies sold in the first week, according to Billboard. Producer, Questlove, announced that Timberlake would be creating a second part to the record because “10 songs now…10 songs later = 20 vision.” The track names were publicly released Aug. 14 via Instagram videos, including single “Take Back the Night,” released July 12.

4. “Bangerz” – Miley Cyrus 

You know what, Miley, I may not know what to think of your foam finger, short hair and twerking, but you got exactly what you wanted: attention. Cyrus’ booty-wagging self is scheduled to drop “Bangerz,” her newest album, on Oct. 8. The record name seems to speak for itself, and her newest installment is likely to be one step farther from her Hannah Montana character.

5. “ARTPOP” – Lady Gaga

Wednesday, Mother Monster released a teaser of the second look into her recent album “ARTPOP.” The song is a serious piano ballad and features Lady Gaga not just singing, but playing piano and drums as well. Gaga has described the album, scheduled to drop Nov. 11, as Warholian, hence the record name.

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