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Buckeye News Now: College of Arts & Sciences Faces $4 Million in Deficit

On this week’s episode of Buckeye News Now we discuss how the College of Arts and Sciences is facing a budget deficit of more than four million dollars. By 2016, the deficit is expected to rise to nearly ten million dollars. The Lantern Multimedia Editor Chelsea Spears dug through the the data to bring you more on some of the problems that led to this budget crisis.

We also speak with a student representative who was on the search committee to find a new director for the Ohio State Marching Band. Former search committee member Lindsay Conkel stepped down on Thursday of last week. Conkel visited the Lantern TV studio on Friday and opened up about her decision to leave and also the prolonged process of finding a new band director. In related news, United States District Court Judge James Graham ruled that former Ohio State Marching Band director Jon Waters has a legal basis to sue for reverse sexual discrimination, however, all other complaints for that case have been thrown out.

Amidst the search for a new band director, the Marching Band did find two new drum majors this weekend. Lantern TV reporter Kaley Rentz was at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center on Saturday for a look at who will be dotting the I’s in Script Ohio next year.

Lantern TV meteorologist Russell Bird closes out the show with your finals week weather forecast.

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  1. There was a recent article in which our OSU coach is one of the highest paid in the country. Nothing will change untill people decide what is really importatn.

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