The Dim Bulb is a weekly satire column contributed by members of The Sundial.

COLUMBUS, OH — Avoiding all notice by the psychology 1100 professor in order to protect his participation grade, second-year Ian Baker sent and received a total of 14 text messages during class last Monday.

“Professor Walker doesn’t let us use our phones in class because she says it’s too much of a distraction,” said Cara Green, who sits directly behind Baker in class each Monday and Wednesday. “I was trying to pay attention to lecture, but Ian kept pulling his phone out under the desk and typing with one hand.”

When Professor Walker unexpectedly called on him to answer a question about the assigned reading, Baker was unable to answer the question and was docked two participation points.

We asked David Lopez, who sits to Baker’s right, if he saw anything, but Lopez was too busy answering iMessages from his laptop to witness Baker’s sleight of hand.
-Ivy Decker, Editor-in-Chief at The Sundial