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First Day of Fashion: Try unexpected pairings for back to school.


As we cling onto the last bits of summer, class syllabi and the season of transforming your Daisy Duke’s into longer pants have begun. Some days will be hot, others chilly. But the weather is not the only factor that will be determining your back-to-school look. Classrooms with frigid temperatures and day parties full of dancing will play a factor too. This is the perfect time to experiment mixing your typical fall-weather pieces with your favorite summer accessories. Check out the tips below on how to nail the back to school look this year:

Tip #1: Pair your sweatshirts with jean skirts.

Perfect for the true bare-leg-loving you: Pair a sweatshirt with your favorite jean skirt, and you will achieve a look that will be fresh and stand out from others on campus. Sounds like a weird mix? Good! You are stepping out of that comfort zone. Adding cute accessories to tone down the thickness of the sweatshirt like a summery belt or choker necklace can really enhance the look.


Tip #2:  Mix your comfy, lazy graphic tee with a not-so-casual bottom

We all have our favorite graphic tees that, let’s be honest, bring out our laziest fashion effort. However, sometimes they are triumphant when choosing what to wear over something much cuter in your closet. Try not to overlook your most comfortable T-shirt this year and pair it with an intricate, lace skirt to give the look an edge. Besides, you will be shocked at how confident you can feel wearing something truly comfortable.


Tip #3:  Monochromatic color schemes always prevail

Even though wearing all black is a staple for many college students, taking that color choice into account with your jewelry, shoes, and sunglasses are what make your look go the extra mile. A monochromatic color scheme takes the least fashion brain power, yet can look as if you planned the outfit for days. Sometimes simpler is better.

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