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Ohio State students charged in carjacking used deadly weapons

Ohio State students Adam Seitz, a first-year in computer science and engineering, and Dominique Burrell, a first-year in criminology and criminal justice studies, allegedly used handguns against victims in a carjacking on Tuesday in Dublin, Ohio, according to Franklin County Municipal Court documents.

The two were arrested Wednesday and both were charged with aggravated robbery.

According to the report, Burrell and Seitz arrived in the parking lot of Life Time Fitness on Hard Road in Dublin to purchase marijuana from Jason Greiwe and Jerrod Petersen who were in a 2001 Honda Accord owned by Greiwe’s father.

Burrell reportedly got into the rear seat of the car when Seitz opened the driver-side door and hit Greiwe in the mouth with a silver revolver. Greiwe suffered lacerations and lost teeth from the blow.

Burrell then, according to court documents, pointed a silver revolver at Petersen and ordered him to get out of the car as Seitz dragged Greiwe out of the car. Burrell reportedly drove the car away with both Greiwe’s and Petersen’s wallets in the car.

Seitz, then, drove the suspect vehicle away from the scene, according to court documents.

Greiwe identified Burrell and Seitz in a photo lineup. The report lists Seitz and Burrell as acquaintances of Greiwe.

Court records show that Burrell and Seitz are both out on bond.

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