In Columbus’ frozen dessert game, ice cream clearly dominates. From classic takes on the sweet treat like Graeter’s and Jeni’s to the new rolled ice cream fad at establishments like Simply Rolled, options abound.

But what of fro-yo, the equally delicious but somehow overlooked cousin of the cream? Although a paltry fro-yo flavor or two are sometimes offered at an ice cream establishment, businesses solely dedicated to selling frozen yogurt are much harder to find in the Columbus area.

You might wonder, “When was the last time I got frozen yogurt?” or “When was the last time I even saw a fro-yo shop?”. Well, don’t strain your brain too hard, because we’ve rounded up the Columbus area’s frozen yogurt options. Though few and far between, if you’ve got a hankering, luckily, there are a few strongholds.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

3130 Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington

Orange Leaf is one of the two primary frozen yogurt franchises dominating the Columbus market. With two Columbus-area locations, it is the only fro-yo option near campus for college students and professors alike to grab some chilled delight. In the typical style of the business, Orange Leaf offers a variety of self-serve frozen yogurt flavors — ranging from fruity favorite pineapple to classic cookies & cream — and toppings like gummy worms and sprinkles. Enjoy your sweet treat in a vibrant orange-and-green environment.

39 Below

85 Parsons Ave, Old Towne East

If you find yourself in between Downtown and Olde Towne East with a craving for some classic fro-yo, 39 Below is the move –– or would be, since the store is temporarily closed until March for construction. As the only truly local option, 39 Below occupies a quaint spot on Parsons Avenue under a cheeky black-and-white striped awning. It offers self-serve fro-yo, with flavors such as honey Greek, Nutella and pistachio, as well as classic toppings. If you’re looking for dinner before dessert, the shop also offers Pho from November to March.


Dublin: 5043 Tuttle-Crossing Blvd.; 7545 Sawmill Rd.

Gahanna: 85 N. Hamilton Rd.

Like Orange Leaf, Menchie’s represents the other chain commandeering the Columbus fro-yo game with four locations sprinkled around the outerbelt. Its yogurt bar offers flavors ranging from Pecan Praline Surprise to Caramel Frappe to Cookie Dough Monster. Topping options are similarly as diverse; customers with sweet, sour, or fruity pallets will all be happy. Plus, who could resist a cute mascot with a giant fro-yo swirl for hair (found on each and every cup)?


Grove City: 4226 Buckeye Pkwy.

Though OH-YO! has a sister location in Wooster, it feels much more along the lines of 39 Below as a more local option for fro-yo connoisseurs. Like the other establishments, the yogurt and the toppings are self-serve. Have fun choosing between flavors such as dulche de leche, kiwi-strawberry and cotton candy — or, get crazy and don’t choose one. Enjoy your chilled concoction in the shop before or after a movie with an adjoining AMC theater just steps away.