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Ohio State student takes own spin on coffee

Routine morning cups of joe and mid-afternoon caffeine pick-me-ups can soon be supplemented with CafeButter — spreadable coffee created by Michael Arato, a fourth-year in food science. Arato said he invented the caffeinated spread with a similar consistency to Nutella when he was pondering a ...

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English course compares rock music to poetry

Used Kids is now located at 2500 Summit St.

Poetry isn’t only found in old books, it’s also broadcasted on the radio. A course offered by the Ohio State Department of English looks at alternative rock lyrics as poetry. Alternative Rock Lyrics as Poems will be offered in Spring 2017 as an upper-division level ...

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Group focuses on photography as a developing art

Ua Chamberlain stays busy splitting his time between photography, videography, graphic arts teaching at his local photography studio.   Chamberlain, a former Ohio State student, started his full-service photography company UA Creative Photography & Training in Columbus in 2013. He said the company is dedicated ...

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Columbus offers plenty of vegan eats

Vegans might be used to eating salad when out with friends, but in Columbus, there’s a whole world of options for animal-friendly food, and most have something great for omnivores as well. The Angry Baker 891 Oak St. and 247 King Ave One could never ...

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Ohio State Book Club turns a new page

Madie Ramsey searched through thousands of student organizations offered at Ohio State for one in particular — a book club. A campus club for bookworms previously existed for four years in the past, graduating along with its members. Ramsey, a third-year in speech and hearing ...

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