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Gateway Film Center down with undead

There’s only one place where Ohio State students can get up close and personal with zombies — for free.

The Gateway Film Center in the South Campus Gateway shows the TV series “The Walking Dead” for free at 10 p.m. Sundays, when the show airs.

Groups of students sit in the Martini Shot Bistro, waiting for the theater doors to open at 9:45 p.m.

John Umland, a customer service manager at the Gateway, said the zombie TV series has been wildly popular. The show on Nov. 21 filled up two theaters, with about 100 attendees in each. Gateway officials are considering moving the screening to a larger theater for next Sunday’ showing.

“It gives students the communal, social experience of going to the movies, but for free,” Umland said. “All of the fun, none of the price.”

The Gateway has shown other series for free before, including “Lost” and “Mad Men” during the past Summer Quarter, Umland said. Besides “The Walking Dead,” the Gateway shows “Glee” at 8 p.m. Tuesdays.

But Umland said the Gateway had a reason for choosing “The Walking Dead.”

“AMC shows are very cinematic. Seeing them on a big screen is kind of awesome.”

Tony Fox, a third-year in aviation, agreed, as he has an “obsession with enormous screens.”

He and Nathan Pressler, a third-year in history, have been coming to view the show every Sunday.

“I like watching it here because I’m not distracted,” Pressler said. “If I watched it at home, I’d probably be doing homework at the same time.”

Roommates Justin Reik, a second-year in English, and Drew Sabula, a second-year in biology, attend together because their apartment doesn’t have cable TV.

“It’s f—— zombies, there’s nothing better,” Reik said. “Plus, we live right next door so we walk over.”

Reik and Sabula said they would like to see the Gateway show “South Park” or “The Office” for free.

During December, the Gateway will do a free holiday film series at 2 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, said Meghan Vesper, the sales and marketing manager at the Gateway.

Though admission is free, the Gateway encourages attendees to bring a toy to donate to the Toys for Tots Foundation toy drive.

Sunday will be the season finale of “The Walking Dead,” and Vesper said there will be special zombie-themed drink specials.

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