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Taste of OSU realistically taste of world

Those who want to try food from Egypt, the Philippines or Pakistan, but don’t want to spend $20 on a full meal, are in luck.


The Taste of OSU will feature delicacies from these countries and dozens more from 5 to 9 p.m. Friday in the Union’s Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom. Food tickets can be purchased for $1 an item.


The event typically draws about 4,000 attendees and a similar total is expected this year, said Maureen Miller, director of communications in the Office of International Affairs.


“It’s just a great way to explore different cultures and it’s a great way for international students to showcase their culture,” said Miller, who is also the event coordinator. “They get to share that bit of culture with the university community.”


Student chairwoman Tejaswini Gosavi also helped lead the planning process.


“This is the first year we have full a student committee,” she said. “The last couple of years we had couple of students on the international affairs committee.”


The Lebanese Student Organization is scheduled to participate in the event, said Lori Hage, a second-year in biology.


“This year we will be participating in food and performances. We will be doing a dance done at weddings and other events,” said Hage, who is secretary of the organization.


Miller said food preparation is key.


“The recipe planning process begins a month prior to the event,” she said. “Each student organization is required to submit four recipes to chef Mark Newton of Campus Dining Services.”


Organizations are required to prepare 800 servings of food, and cook two days prior under Newton’s guidance, Miller said.


“The chefs are there to watch over the students and make sure everything is safe,” Miller said.


Judges will choose three winning organizations based on the food they serve, Gosavi said.


The competition is a way to give back to the students for their participation, Gosavi said.


“These students have classes and exams, so we want to reward them for their hard work and effort,” she said.

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