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At last, an MTV reality show worth watching

Severe weather conditions left more than 100 students disappointed after being informed “The Buried Life” cast would not be coming Monday night to the Ohio Union.

The four men of “The Buried Life” — Ben, Jonnie, Duncan and Dave — were scheduled to discuss the history of their show and play unseen footage not allowed to be aired on MTV, according to the Ohio Union Activity Board’s website.

Amid some of the solemn faces leaving the ballroom were several students, who all brought up an interesting question: Is “The Buried Life” the best reality show MTV has to offer?

The show, directed by Brad Tiemann, is about four regular guys on a mission to complete a list of 100 things to do before they die, helping others complete their own lists in the process, according to “The Buried Life” Facebook page.

Jane Lisitsyn, a second-year in international business, said she enjoys the concept of the show.

“I watch it because I think it’s one of the best shows on MTV,” Lisitsyn said. “I think it’s a great idea.”

It would be unfair to award TBL the best reality show on MTV without heavily scrutinizing its competition first.

There is the enlightening reality phenomenon “The Jersey Shore,” which is full of inspiration for young minds.

From its depiction of the love affair between “The Situation” and himself to Snooki’s quest to find the perfect Italian stud, the show is definitely a runner-up for the No. 1 seat of MTV’s best reality series.

Perhaps the veteran reality series “The Real World” deserves the title of the best. It certainly deserves recognition for its steamy, lust-filled episodes of sex-crazed young people devoted to saturating their bodies with as much alcohol as they can find.

Although the stiff competition would make it difficult for anyone to choose which reality show is best, TBL does offer a refreshing detour from stereotypical reality shows lacking any notion of moral capacity.

Its incorporation of exuberant fun-filled antics, combined with human interest and inspirational stories, put TBL in a league all on its own.

Will Cooper, a first-year in political science, praises the show’s ability to peak audiences’ interest, while simultaneously motivating people to help others.

“They do their own crazy stunts, but they try and help other people out,” Cooper said.

Cooper said his favorite episode was one in which a painter who signed all of his work to his son, who he had not seen in years, was finally reunited with him.

Whether TBL is the best reality show is in the eye of the beholder. Chris Stringer, a first-year in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, said he was just thrilled to watch other people live out their dreams.

“I think it’s a great show. (I like) watching guys live their life to the fullest,” he said.


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