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Let’s talk about football, not Aguilera’s singing blunder

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Prior to Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, all everyone talked about were the teams playing and commercials expected to be aired. The spirit for each team was remarkable, and the increasing rivalry added to the excitement of the game.

However, it’s disappointing to see that days after the game, football seems to be the last of the discussion topics.

Renowned artist Christina Aguilera was given the opportunity to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” live; as many people probably witnessed, she unfortunately did not do so perfectly. She forgot the line “O’er the ramparts we watched,” and it seems that this will never be forgotten.

Since the game, this mishap has been analyzed and discussed constantly on both television and the Internet. Even as I browse Yahoo News days later, I see that articles regarding Aguilera’s blunder have as many views as worldwide news events. Something about that doesn’t seem right.

Yes, Aguilera is an artist with a great deal of both talent and experience. She should know better. And yes, it is the National Anthem. And yes, it was on live television.

However, it seems that we have all forgotten that she is also a normal person, and mistakes happen. Could you, the average American, sing the National Anthem before millions of viewers without a single error or nerves? Probably not.

Accidentally forgetting a line of the National Anthem does not mean she is “less American” or “not proud of her country,” as many news websites and blogs are claiming.

If anything, her mistake shows that she is not one to be placed on such a high pedestal. Her talent is what has brought her to such an esteemed position, however, she is still capable of making mistakes.      

It’s disappointing to see that many news stations are willing to discuss this to such an extent. Not only this, but it is disappointing to see so many people still discussing the matter.

As entertaining as it might have seemed at the moment, it’s time to move on. YouTube videos and articles mocking her mistake are going one step too far.

Rather than focusing on Aguilera’s mistake and what will come of it in regards to her career, we should discuss the entire purpose of the game itself: football.     


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