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Super Bowl Sunday becoming America’s favorite holiday

In case you have been living under a rock, the Super Bowl was Sunday. I know, that’s not exactly a news flash. Of course you knew the Super Bowl was on Sunday. How could you not know this? Even my mom, who hates football for taking up her few basic cable channels on Sundays, knew it was that day of the year.

It is everywhere. It is unavoidable. The Super Bowl has grown to become America’s biggest unofficial holiday.

You can’t turn on the TV without commercials reminding you to stock up for the big day with food and drinks, and heck, maybe even a new big-screen TV while you’re at it. People, who you know couldn’t care less about the game or sport, host parties and now have an excuse to get a little tipsy on an additional day of the year. Grocery and department stores all have huge displays at their entrances prompting you to pick up stuff you might not have otherwise bought — especially if you are not going to watch the game.

But no, come on. You watched the game, right?

Because, although February already has one “official” holiday that women love — Valentine’s Day — it now seems that football has grown to become such a beloved American past-time that Super Bowl Sunday has become the true “holiday” in February that is loved by most — including many women.

On the other hand, I think it’s safe to say that Super Bowl Sunday is the only “holiday,” albeit unofficial, that most men really get excited about. What man doesn’t love a full day of gluttony, beer drinking and football, while loudly and unapologetically rooting for his favorite team? And, being an athlete myself, I completely understand the nature of the beast, but I have to say, the phenomenal enterprise of the Super Bowl has gotten a little big for its britches.

When ESPN reported the NFL was charging people $200 for a ticket just to watch the Super Bowl on a big-screen TV outside of the Cowboys Stadium, or that to simply park one-tenth of a mile from the stadium, it would cost you $990, I couldn’t believe it. But what topped that shocker was the fact that people quickly slurped up the 4,000-some tickets that were on sale with people still waiting in line just to be near the Super Bowl!

What in the world are people thinking? Hey, but don’t worry, if you were one of the 4,000 who paid to watch the game from outside, apparently you received a Super Bowl XLV commemorative scarf, as a souvenir, along with a performance by the Cowboy cheerleaders.

“Geesh, you’d think it was the coming of Christ,” said someone close to me who heard this same information.

I hope you enjoyed the hoopla that lasted the entire week. I hope Monday was not too rough of a day back to work after all the fun. And most of all, I hope that if you wanted to spring a small fortune on the Super Bowl, you just bought a new TV and enjoyed it from the comfort of home surrounded by family and friends on your holiday.

I’m sure there is a Hallmark card for this by now, but regardless, happy belated Super Bowl Sunday from me to you.


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