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For Kate, Prince Charming is actually a prince

I grew up on Disney movies just like most of my girlfriends. I think there was actually a year where I watched “Sleeping Beauty” every day straight for 365 days.

But Disney movies are cartoons, made up for entertainment. No fairy godmother is going to fly in and make the prince fall in love with me. And while I watched “Sleeping Beauty” every day for that year, it’s a fictional story.

So when I had the opportunity to watch a real-life woman say “I do” and all of a sudden get a cool title in front of her name and then ride off with her prince in a horse-drawn carriage, call me crazy, but I was more than a little excited.

I wasn’t always obsessed with the idea of the Royal Wedding. For a while, I tried to ignore it and pretend like it was the most outrageous thing for people to get worked up about.

But eventually I caved. After a little convincing, my friends forced me to watch “William and Kate” on Lifetime. I wasn’t happy about it. But after the movie was over, I was totally drunk off the Royal Wedding buzz. So I watched the movie two more times before the weekend was up.

I spent the rest of the week following wedding news closely.

It didn’t matter to me that I had to get up at 4 a.m. to watch Kate Middleton marry Prince William. My television has been tuned to CNN since 3:45 this morning.

And when William saw Kate and whispered, “You look beautiful,” I think I squealed at a decibel only dogs can hear.

You can roll your eyes all you want. I know I’m American and this really has no bearing on my life whatsoever other than costing me a good night’s sleep.

And after today, I won’t really care. But for today at least, I’m obsessed.

I’m not the only crazy one, either. More than 2 billion people tuned in worldwide, according to ABC News.

Regardless of whether people chose to pay attention to follow current events, to play “fashion police” or just to live vicariously through Kate, who is living every little girl’s dream of being a princess, people watched.

I have to say, I laughed out loud when they said “For richer or poorer” in their vows. I know it’s tradition, but based on the number of people who watched the wedding and the number of people celebrating in London today, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that there’s not going to be a revolution to overthrow the Royal Family in England anytime soon. And it’s not like the crown is going to just go up in smoke.

Still, the ceremony was beautiful, full of hope and love, your typical sappy wedding.

When I was seven and dancing around in my dress-up clothes with a plastic tiara on my head, I dreamed that I’d have a day like this. While I have since given up the idea that His Royal Highness is going to show up at my house and get down on one knee, Kate gets to live that.

That’s why I watched. Kate represents the idea that dreams can come true. Those dreams don’t necessarily have to be about finding Prince Charming, but in her case, they are.

When Kate and Prince William rode off in their horse-drawn carriage after the ceremony, I felt like I was watching a real-life Cinderella riding off into the sunset. But thinking back on it now, Disney couldn’t have scripted a more perfect ending.

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