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High Street shops won’t take a hit on 4/20

Although many campus-area restaurants on High Street are not preparing for extra business from those suffering from the munchies on April 20, Papa John’s and Buckeye Donuts are expecting more customers.

“I think we made around $3,500 on a Thursday last year for 4/20, which was about $1,000 more (than other days),” said Terah Householder, manager of Papa John’s located at 2108 N. High St.

Householder said this will be her fourth time working on 4/20 at Papa John’s. She expects there to be a larger lunch rush.

April 20 has become an unofficial holiday, marking a day of red eyes, delayed responses, and of course, the munchies, as marijuana smokers celebrate the drug and call for its legalization.

Jimmy Barouxis, manager of Buckeye Donuts, at 1998 N. High St., said he noticed an increase of customers on 4/20 about six or seven years ago, and the restaurant will most definitely be busy.

“Especially towards the afternoon and evening, there are bigger crowds, people order more food, there’s a bigger average (bill), and everyone is smiling,” Barouxis said.

He said they do not have a special deal planned for 4/20, but as in recent years, will make one up on the spot for the day.

He also expects to sell more gyro and fries combos.

Unlike Buckeye Donuts, Papa John’s is keeping its regular specials, such as any large pizza for $11.

Both Barouxis and Householder expect more delivery orders, especially if it rains. Barouxis emphasized the demand for deep fried food and other munchies.

One of the restaurants not expecting a large increase of customers on 4/20 is PJ’s, a sandwich joint located just off High Street, at 15 E. Frambes Ave.

“It will probably be like any other day. There might be a tiny bit more (customers), but if it was on a Friday, it could be busier. The fact it is in the middle of the week sort of changes it though,” said Chris Lee, PJ’s manager.

Other than restaurants, the new head shop, High Up Glass, expects a larger crowd. The owner, who wanted to be referred to as “Eddie Mustafa,” said there will be 10 percent off all glass products on 4/20. Employees from head shops Puff N Stuff and Import House refused comment.

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