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Man caught breaking in with a master key could be locked up for more than 100 years

Almost two months after his arrest, Kip Koehl Klages, 35, received a 40-count indictment after allegedly breaking into several apartments and homes in the Ohio State University area.

“Klages’s indictment included 20 counts of burglary, six for attempted burglary, five for tampering with evidence and one for possessing criminal tools,” said Ron O’Brien, Franklin County Prosecutor.

According to a Wednesday press release, O’Brien stated Klages allegedly used a master key to break in and target women in the campus area.

“Burglaries involving the use of a master key is rare, but Klages had one on his key ring when he was arrested,” O’Brien said.

Klages’s break-ins ranged from Norwich Avenue, where he was arrested on Feb. 11, to Highland Street, and included 12th Avenue, 13th Avenue, 14th Avenue, 18th Avenue and Park Drive, according to Klages’s official indictment.

“The first two times he broke in were in the middle of the night … he ruffled through my roommate’s drawers and had a flashlight,” said Megan Blask, a third-year in strategic communications whose apartment was broken into by Klages multiple times.

Blask said the third time he broke in, he stole electronics, which Blask said she and her roommates never got back.

She said he locked the door when he left, except for the time one of her roommates woke up and chased him out. Even though their landlords installed a security system and chain-locks on the doors, the events still affected Blask and her roommates.

“I’ve never felt unsafe on campus before, but there were two or three uncomfortable weeks, we spent a lot of time at friends’ houses,” Blask said. “Now that he’s caught, I feel back to normal, and I’ve relaxed again.”

O’Brien said burglaries do not necessarily happen more in campus areas, but the combination of circumstances, like targeting women, might have a greater chance in a campus area than an area like Upper Arlington.

O’Brien’s said Klages’s arraignment is scheduled for Friday, in which he could face more than 100 years in prison.

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