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Messenger, DeDonato win USG election, switch focus to ‘MySwitch’

The Ohio State undergraduate student body voted Nick Messenger and Emily DeDonato as the new Undergraduate Student Government president and vice president.

“We’re just beyond excited about the opportunity that we have to actually start doing some of the things we talked about during the campaign,” Messenger said.

In the election results, Messenger and DeDonato came in first with 51.4 percent of votes, a total of 3,899. Jacob Foskuhl and Melissa Kellams came in second with 24.4 percent of the votes, a total of 1,852. Kevin Flynn and Andrea Blinkhorn came in third with 21.9 percent of the votes, a total of 1,664. There were 175 write-in votes, with Brandon Edwards and Shannon Buckner receiving 39 votes and Josh Samuels and Michael Dasu receiving 33 votes.

Messenger said the first thing he will do as president will be, “to appoint a cabinet that we think can carry out all of the platform points and to have a smooth transition in. Then we want to get to work on ‘MySwitch’ right away and have that ready to launch in September.”

“MySwitch” is a website Messenger and DeDonato hope to create that would help students prepare for the quarter-to-semester switch by allowing them to enter their year and major and to find out which classes they would need in order to graduate on time, Messenger said. It would also help students with simple questions that could arise from the quarter-to-semester switch.

Messenger said he looks forward to continuing the efforts he and DeDonato made during the past two weeks in their campaign and talking with students to hear their feedback.

The announcement came at 6:30 p.m. on the USG website.

Micah Kamrass, USG president, said he is excited for Messenger and DeDonato and is looking forward to seeing them get to work on their campaign objectives.

The inauguration will be at 6:30 p.m on May 4. at the senate chamber in the Ohio Union.

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