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Web Preview: OSU profs paid competitively

They teach everything from dance and philosophy to organic chemistry and the workings of the Krebs cycle. They are state employees, yet there are no unions representing their interests or going to bat for their salaries, vacation days or health care benefits.

The faculty at Ohio State have salaries that vacillate along degree lines and between programs. Graduate assistants, instructors, associate professors and professors are all paid competitively.

“There are individual faculty members within each area of instruction that are paid highly and others that are paid less so. What determines that is the market.” said Tom Bond, compensation manager for the human resources department.

University officials have decided to pay competitively in order to attract the best instructors and professors that the university can afford, Bond said.

In the 2009-2010 school year, fiscal reports indicate that the average salary for a 12-month professor was $148,172, with a range of $739,500 on the high end and $85,776 on the low. The numbers were less for associate professors, assistant professors and instructors.

Although some believe competitive pay is ideal in the university setting, other students have some concerns.

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