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Friday Fashion: Plaid, striped shorts allow guys to mix it up

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Clearly the warm weather was not here to stay, but guys, I’ve found that you don’t seem to have a problem wearing shorts as long as the temperature is warmer than 45 degrees. Here are some ways to stay stylish even when it feels more like September than spring.

Every guy should own a pair of khaki shorts. They go with anything and can be dressed up or down. Wear them out to dinner, a family party or to class.

Whatever you pair them with, you’ll look like you really thought about your outfit, even if you choose the T-shirt you found on your floor that morning. Mid-calf and knee-high socks are the only major things you’ll want to avoid when wearing khaki shorts.

Cargo shorts are a great choice for guys who put a lot of stuff in their pockets. There’s a place for just about everything ­­— cell phone, iPod, pens, sunglasses and anything else you think you might need. These shorts are available in all sorts of materials, colors and fits. I don’t recommend wearing cargo denim shorts unless they are a very dark wash. Neutral colors like brown, gray and navy blue can be paired with all sorts of shirts. Keep in mind, cargo shorts are very casual and should not be worn in a formal setting.

Another cool option for guys is cuffed shorts. These look very similar to basic twill shorts, but are cuffed at the bottom. The cuffs make the shorts look formal and can be paired perfectly with a button-down shirt. If you’re feeling experimental, you can try these in a different color or print. I definitely recommend wearing these with boat shoes or flip-flops.

Plaid and striped shorts allow a little more creativity than the basics. You can find them in many different colors. Plaids tend to be more flattering in neutral colors and smaller patterns. Stripes should be thin and close together to keep you from looking like a sailor. These shorts tend to be more fitted around the waist and legs, so just be aware when trying them on they’ll fit a bit snugger than other styles.

Athletic shorts are extremely comfortable and something that every guy owns, but there are some ways to keep them from looking like you just rolled out of bed. First, make sure your shirt matches your shorts. You’ll immediately look more presentable. Second, the waistline of your shorts should meet your shirt. No one needs to see your underwear. Finally, the bottom of the shorts should hit at least your knee or a few inches below. This seems to be the most flattering on the majority of guys.

When you go shopping for shorts, think about how often you’ll wear them. If you know you wear athletic styles everyday, you’ll probably want more of those in your closet than khakis. Think about what you need and make sure your wardrobe reflects that.

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