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Lend a hand to those tortured by tornadoes

Photo courtesy of John Fitzhugh/Biloxi Sun-Herald/MCT.

The sky turns pink, the thunder claps, the wind picks up, sirens sound: a tornado is coming, what do you reach for?

This was the question that the students at the University of Alabama were faced with when a tornado hit Tuscaloosa on April 27.

Many did not have basements and were left to hold on for dear life to the foundations of their homes, homes that I would guess are not much different than the ones we reside in here at OSU; run-down, old and possibly not with the strongest foundations.

Imagine being with a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or other loved one. Imagine them being torn from your grasp.

I’ve heard this tragic story of loved ones being found days later, dead.

While this is not a pleasant or happy picture, this is the reality for some Alabama students. These people are just like us, with exams and tests, and a million other things to do. Now they have insurance claims, clean-ups and possibly funerals added to their plate as well.

There are some groups of students doing what they can to organize trips to help with the clean-up of the campus and the surrounding areas. Being a busy college student myself, I realize this is not possible for nearly everyone to do.

So what can we do?

I think the best thing is to not take for granted of what we have. I may be biased, but I believe that Ohio State is a unique community: a strong thread of Buckeyes that loop not only Columbus but the globe. I will never forget being in London and seeing a complete stranger wearing an Ohio State shirt and shouting O-H in front of Buckingham Palace and sure enough getting an I-O in response.

So Bucks, with that, I challenge you to be thankful each day that you have mismatching socks in your drawer or a pen on your desk to take a test. Or even bigger, to be thankful that you still have a place to sleep, even if that place includes a loud roommate, a rat in your basement or a jammed front door.

I challenge us all to think of those in Alabama and remember just how big the storm was. It was more than just a tornado: It was a life-changing event for many, an event that could have even touched lives here on campus.

Let’s extend the depth of our alma mater to those who need it the most and show how firm our friendship truly can be.

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