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Ohio State students took race to streets of Columbus

Columbus Edition’ near Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday. The team of Venegas and DeGroat would go on to fi nish in 1st place.

Teams of students raced through Columbus Monday night following clues and exploring parts of the city outside of Ohio State with the chance to win prizes.

The International Affairs Scholars’ Amazing Race: Columbus Edition had students travel through the Arena District, the Short North and campus taking pictures of landmarks around the city.

Second-years in the IA Scholars program are responsible for organizing numerous events each quarter for its first-years and other members to attend.

Taylor Hoschar, a second-year in nursing, and Jen Hoffman, a second-year in French and international relations and diplomacy, were the two co-chairs for the event.

After deciding on the event, they worked with six other second-year IA students to organize it, Hoschar said.

“(Columbus) is so large, but we only use a small part of it around campus. So being able to use other resources in the actual city of Columbus is awesome,” Hoschar said.

Teams received clues which sent them around Columbus to places like the Santa Maria replica on the Scioto River and Travonna Coffee House in the Short North, where they named as many countries as possible in five minutes on Sporcle, an online trivia website.

There was a last-minute change in clues because of weather, moving the final location of the race to Mendenhall Laboratory. According to the National Weather Service, Monday had a high temperature of 49 degrees and a low temperature of 45 degrees, with occasional rain showers.

Team members Antonio Venegas, a first-year in international studies and sport and leisure studies, and Devin DeGroat, a first-year in political science, were the first to arrive.

They chose a $15 iTunes gift card, and a buy-one-get-one-free Chipotle gift card. The next five teams received either of those or a $10 Target gift card.

“It definitely feels good to win,” Venegas said. “Throughout the whole race we didn’t see everybody so we weren’t sure if we were in first or if we were in dead last.”

Both Venegas and DeGroat said the weather didn’t affect their performance during the race.

Cathy Hatten, a third-year in German and international studies, is still involved with the IA scholars program as a Resident Adviser in Mack Hall, where IA scholars students are required to live their first year.

The idea for this event came from the IA annual trip to Toronto, where students were given locations in the city and required to use public transportation to reach their destinations, Hatten said.

Although first- and second-year students have a required number of IA events they have to attend, before the race Hatten said she chose to go out of interest.

“I don’t necessarily know everything in Columbus,” Hatten said. “I think it could be a really good opportunity to see some more of our own city.”

The co-chairs were expecting about 60-80 people and said they were disappointed that only 11 pairs showed up for the race. Hoschar said she believed the weather conditions affected the attendance.

Hoschar and Hoffman were not sure of their exact budget, but said it was limited. Chipotle donated the gift cards.

The event began at 6 p.m. and the first team arrived at the finish at about 7:20 p.m.

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