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Stars not silent with new Web radio show

Courtesy of Joy Phillips

In 1994, Jason Mewes made his film debut in “Clerks,” a low-budget comedy written and directed by his good friend Kevin Smith. Seventeen years later, he and Smith continue to collaborate. Only these days, they’ve taken their talents to the world of online radio.

SModcast Internet Radio, an online streaming radio station featuring content created by Smith, launched on May 9. Each weekday, he and Mewes co-host the talk show “Jay & Silent Bob Get Jobs,” a title which references the foul-mouthed drug dealers Jay, played by Mewes, and Smith’s Silent Bob. The duo has appeared in several movies, including “Clerks” and “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.”

Mewes said their show will feature discussions about the hosts’ personal lives and current events.

“It’s just me and him sitting in front of the mics talking,” he said. “We want to stay up with current news as much as we can and sort of just talk about different things. It’s like listening to two people talking about actual news. It’s not the news, but you’ll sort of get that aspect of it.”

SModcast Internet Radio features four hours of live content each weekday. Besides broadcasting “Jay & Silent Bob Get Jobs” with Mewes, Smith co-hosts the show “Plus One Per Diem” with his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach.

The entire project began when Smith started “SModcast” in 2007, a weekly podcast that Smith hosts with film producer Scott Mosier. After a couple years, Smith decided to get Mewes involved and started the podcast “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old.” This eventually evolved into the idea for their show on SModcast Internet Radio.

Mewes said besides these four hours of programming, the station will broadcast pre-recorded material, both new and old. Often this material will come from past episodes of “SModcast” and other Smith-run podcasts.

Mewes said people respond to the work he does with Smith because everything they talk about is something their fans can relate to.

“We definitely have a cool and awesome fan base,” he said. “We’ve had people that have stuck with us for the last 15 years. They can relate because they have a friend who’s foul-mouthed, speaks his mind and smokes weed all day.”

The podcasts of Smith and Mewes are well-known for their adult language and topics, but Mewes said that it’s something that attracts as many people as it repels. As long as people can look past the filthiness, he thinks that SModcast Internet Radio is something that anybody could enjoy.

“I wouldn’t say I want kids to listen to the foul stuff that I say,” he said. “Anyone that can find us entertaining, that makes me feel good.”

He said there was a time when two 67-year-old women came up to him and complimented his work.

Committing to a daily radio show can be difficult, particularly if the hosts have to find a way to balance it with other work. Mewes said he’s looking forward to the challenge, though right now SModcast Internet Radio has taken up most of his time.

“Right now, it’s sort of like our main focus,” he said.

Mewes has long struggled with drug addiction, and believes his work on these podcasts have helped him to stay sober.

“I want to entertain people,” he said. “I feel at this point I’ve been put on the earth to fight the battle of dope and drugs and try to entertain people.”

Mewes said the thing he most enjoys about SModcast Internet Radio is the opportunity to spend each day talking with someone he’s known since the beginning of his career.

“(Smith is) like my best friend that I’ve grown up with,” he said. “How awesome is it that I get to work and hang out with my best friend Kevin every day?”

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