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Band hopes to prove it’s no fool

Courtesy of Jesse Fleming

It’s not another case of pyrite, the mineral often referred to as “fool’s gold.” This time, it’s real.

Los Angeles-based pop band Fool’s Gold is bringing its talents to Skully’s Music Diner Monday at 7 p.m. to celebrate the recent release of the band’s second album, “Leave No Trace.”

The band got its start when lead singer/bassist Luke Top and lead guitarist Lewis Pesacov came together to create music that boasted their mutual love for African music and 80s-influenced pop.

The forming of the rest of the band had an “organic, open-ended” start, Pesacov told The Lantern.

“Luke and I had a concept. We just decided … anyone that wanted to play with us could play with us,” he said. “Before we knew it, there were like, 15 people hanging out with us (and) playing with us. That’s what it was like for a long time.”

The band finally settled on a five-man lineup in December, choosing the members that had been the most “vocal” on the tours, Pesacov said.

After settling on who would perform onstage, the band now looks to people offstage to keep them going.

“We’re inspired by performing live in front of an audience,” Pesacov said. “The band … creates this musical energy, and we give it to them, and then they can kick it in reverse. It creates this feedback where the more energy we give them, the more energy they give us, and the whole thing gets better and better.

“It’s all very memorable when you can connect with another human,” he said. “You feel … very thankful.”

The connection the band feels to its audiences is something they want to expand across the globe, Pesacov said. They have played in the U.S. and in Europe numerous times but would love to go to Africa, Latin America and especially Asia.

“It’s one of our dreams,” he said. “We just love to play for other people in different parts of the world.”

Channeling different cultures of the world is something the band has experience with. Their self-titled debut partially contained Hebrew lyrics, something that tied Top to of Israel, the country in which he was born.

Since then, life on the road has helped the band evolve into what they are today, Pesacov said.

“We’ve grown so much as musicians and as people after touring for two years straight,” Pesacov said. “Downsizing the band allowed for so much more clarity in the music we make.”

Despite the group’s downsizing, the band has no plans to slow down. Fool’s Gold is set to continue their tour in both the U.S. and Europe.

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